Playing with food

One of the most recent things I’ve had fun doing in the SCA is playing with subtleties and illusion foods.  For this year’s 12th Night, I helped Raffaella di Contini with providing some marzipan fun for 3 different vigils, as well as the Blatha an Oir Hospitality room.  It was a chance for us to hang out and do something we both enjoy, while also allowing our kidlets to enjoy some best friend time together-so a win-win situation.

We used the recipe that  Anne of Cleavages provided us and proceeded to shape and mold different pieces for the vigils.   One of Raffaella’s favorite things to make are pumpkins, so she made several of those while I played with my molds and stamps – making daffodils, fleur-de-lis, stamped roundels, and assorted heraldic shapes like scallops and shields.

I also proceeded to play with making pears and leaves to go with the pumpkins, and a few books for the joint vigil of two inspirational heralds.  Plated up on some of Raffaella’s serving platters, they were a nice spot of color for the vigils!

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