Armor exchange

Part of my agreement with Tristan when he found a bow for me to use, was that I would be able to barter my sewing skills in exchange for the bow, rather than put it on credit.  With his level of fitness, his old armor was a tad large now, and updating the color scheme and weight was also something he wanted.

The fabric coat of plates was originally made by Elspeth nic Grath, and he still really liked the way it worked and looked, so I took that and made a pattern, using a heavier unbleached linen, almost a linen canvas.  The plates were marked and basted into shape, then tightly stitched to keep from moving.  Eyelet stitches reinforce the lacing holes, and it is edged in green bias tape – hand rolled and stitched because of how close the plates are to the seams.

0205142135 0205142136 0205142318 0211142012

I threatened to quilt a rabbit into the front of the coat, but did manage to convince him that adding his fleur-de-lis would make it more personal, as well as decorative fun. Rather than the appliqued ones I suggested, he embroidered some on scraps of the same linen for me to apply on the coat.

0213142103 0215141647 0224142120 0224142120a

Now to actually get a picture of him on the field -either as combat archer or with sword and shield-wearing it.


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