Braced for impact

I am an arcarius to Tristan de Ver, and we are both members of Clan Carn.  Tristan and I, though both Carn, had not really talked much before 2013.  He had taken a few pictures of Nayeli at various events, usually being cute in the sidelines/back of Court and shown them to me, but otherwise we did not really interact.

Autumn War 2013, my long-time friend William Sutherland decided to introduce us, so that he could coax me to pursue something that interested me, but was too shy/intimidated to talk to people about, even within the household members of Clan Carn.  Being from Canada, it is a bit too far for Will to be more directly involved, so he did a bit of fast-talking and convinced me to allow the introduction and attend Emprise of the Black Lion to try archery with Tristan, who could loan me some left-handed equipment and give me instruction.

Several other members of Carn were there, and helped me deal with the initial social anxiety, reminding me of range rules and changes, offering guidance and support – especially after I received word that another friend passed away during the night before.  Tristan and Evrard started having me over to work on projects after the Wyewood archery practice, with or without Nayeli as my schedules demanded; helping me learn about care and creation of archery equipment, finishing other projects, armor for Tristan as partial payment for the gear provided to me as a student, and simply to socialize, have fun, and learn to trust.

When I began to start to shoot places other than directly with Tristan, I asked if I could use his name in vain, if I was uncomfortable with advice being offered by others.  It was late at night, and I was immediately scared of being too forward.  He laughed and told me I could not use it in vain, but that he was willing to be my teacher officially if I liked and wrote the following:

What are my expectations as your mentor in archery?

*Family always first

Responsibilities to your other official teachers

Trust and Honesty

Have fun.

Ask questions

Willingness to learn and train

Learn from me


-What you get from me as a teacher:

An instructor who will teach you various techniques of shooting

Help you to acquire the tools / equipment you need to be succeed

Set you up with other instructors who’s skill sets excel where mine do not.

Encourage & push you to have fun and succeed.


Trust and Honesty

A shield that you may refer others to as your mentor

Learn from you


If you decide one day that you would like to be my arcarius:

Same as above except I would want you to get permission from you other official teachers first.

You get a red bracer from me, showing that you are my student.

Find that you have desire and love of archery  

Help on the range


-What you get from me as a teacher:

Same as above just I don’t have to make you a bracer. :p


You have a standing offer to be my arcarius if you so chose to take it.

Following his rules, I slowly moved up from the 20, to the 30 and finally the 40 yard ranges over the next few months.  Tristan showed me I could have fun learning, that I could try, do and want something for myself without it being wrong or selfish.  He encouraged me to try, as did Evrard, and all of the other Carn archers at the Wyewood practice.

As I began working on my quiver in November, I showed Evrard and Dearbhail some sketches of a possible bracer, while I thought about asking to accept the arcarius offer.  They both thought it was a grand idea, encouraging me to play with the design and advising on a couple of customs and concepts I had not known of.

So as the year turned to 2014, I asked Tristan if I could accept his offer, preferably at Ursulmas – the event closest to my birthday, as that was what I wanted for my birthday, and began working on a bracer.  The style was using the later period from the Mary Rose – more appropriate to his later persona than my 14th Century one, and has the dragons from my device tooled into the area around his spear carrying rabbit.

0110141446 0112141642 0112141649 0112141750 0112141757 0115142053 0115142155

The small jokes of Alice has taken the red pill, or is following the white rabbit were laughingly mentioned on the Ursulmas range Saturday afternoon, when Tristan made me his arcarius, a year after he earned his OGGS.

Arcarius ceremony

It is nearly a year later, I still think this was my favorite birthday present.  I am still having fun, have a lot to learn and am glad he is my friend, my clansib, and my Arcos.


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