More fun with marzipan

For June Faire 2014, Raffaella and I teamed up to do several goodies for Cedric’s vigil and on my part, also to celebrate Tymme’s OGGS.

We dipped strawberries, cherries, dried bananas, grapefruit candies and many other things in chocolate and made cream cheese candies – lemon and raspberry flavored.  Additionally platters of marzipan fruits and vegetables were again made (as we did some for a 2013 June Faire vigil before).  Plus I baked a *lot* of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

0530141922 0530141922b 0530141923

Several of these were also shared with Tymme’s celebration on Saturday night, with the addition of chocolate bird nests, one “gray goose” , and red marzipan comets.  Sadly, the goose did not like the heat, and kept bending his neck as if mimicking a pelican in its piety.



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