Quivering (in anticipation)


As I began working with Tristan de Ver in archery, he encouraged me to work on making portions of my own equipment after bartering with him as I agreed to be his student.

The first piece was a quiver – started in mid-November and finished before the end of December – with guidance from Evrard de Valogne.  Being the over-achiever that I am, I decided that I wanted my quiver to give the impression of marginalia illumination, incorporating small emblems that have personal meaning or honoring people who influence me.

1029132135 1117131200

1117131450 1117131531

After the first Sunday working on it at a group project day, Evrard kindly loaned me tools so that I could work on the detailing – as I found out that my father’s tools had gone AWOL and thus I could otherwise not work on it at home.  After the tooling was completed, and the initial dyeing dry, I then began to paint the details, just like a charter. Hiding small details around the quiver was a lot of fun, even if I don’t always like that my hands and skills don’t match up what I see in my mind to inspire it.

1224131321 1224131931 1123131717

After the painting was completed, I then got to stitch it up and seal it.  Fortunately, Evrard and Tristan had a place it could dry – since trying to get it to dry at my place undamaged with kid, cats, and corgis would have been problematic.

The first event I was able to use the quiver was Ursulmas 2014, where I also exchanged Tristan’s loaner bracer for an Arcarius bracer.



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