Gaunt d’Or Request


Shortly before Blatha an Oir’s Harvest Feast, our lovely Baroness requested that I make a Gaunt d’Or to be presented at the event for Baroness Isabeau du Lenoir.  There are only a handful of members of the L’Ordre du Gaunt d’Or, given to those who best exemplify the very essence of our Society, and who have made an exceptional and lasting contribution to every aspect of the barony, and Isabeau has an inspiration to me for many years-the request both delighted and made me a little nervous on if I would make one suitable for her.

I didn’t feel up to trying to purchase glove weight leather and sewing a brand new glove with the time frame and my budget, nor did I like the suggestion of gilding leather garden gloves as a base because they were bulkier than I liked.

However, I had a pair of wrist-length women’s black leather evening gloves that gave the elegant silhouette that felt right for Isabeau, plus allow me to include the black fleur-de-lis from her device as part of the embellishment.  So I carefully mixed my gilding pigment, traced the small and large fleur-de-lis onto the leather, and began applying gold everywhere. (It is after all, a gaunt d’or, or golden glove!)


IMG_20151019_160114317   IMG_20151019_163325103


After detailing the fleur-de-lis, letting the gold dry and then going back for the small touchup areas around seams and creases, I then added lace at the cuff and added pearls to the perimeter of the largest fleur-de-lis.

IMG_20151020_071614584 IMG_20151020_071626201 IMG_20151020_141318221

I used a modified running stitch, going back through every other pearl to try and keep them as smooth as possible around the curves of the motif.


IMG_20151024_091724223 IMG_20151024_094731697 IMG_20151024_095721576

Almost done, but the cuff looks a little sparse.  So after consultation with Dena, I  added a pearl to the center of each of the small fleur-de-lis at the wrist. This made each of them pop just a little bit and pull them together with the larger motif.


AIMG_20151024_153732253 IMG_20151024_153743821


At Harvest Feast, hearing the reasons why she is being presented this award. (photo by Anne Asplund)

Harvest Feast 2015 a


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