About Angharat


I am Jonnalyhn Wolfcat, also known as Angharat verch Reynulf.  This blog is to share and document about the things I make and do within the Society for Creative Anachronism, working on learning about various historical periods, cultures and skills that interest me.  As of 2015, I have been participating within the SCA for 32 years, primarily in the Kingdom of An Tir, and reside in the barony of Blatha an Oir.

Over the years, I have had personas touching upon my personal genealogy, or projects that were inspired because of my family history, such as wanting to make an authentic ensemble for the various cultures in my heritage like Welsh, Norwegian, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, Danish, Cherokee, Sioux, German and even English.  Other names I have used include a Welsh 13th century fighter named Llewellan, an Anglo-Saxon Aelfreda Wulfe ap O’Niall, and a  Norse woman in Byzantium, Seikka.  My primary persona now is Angharat verch Reynulf, a widow in the Welsh Border Marches in 1340, residing in a small manor a day’s march between the castles of Hay-on-Wye and Bronllys.  I act as chatelaine for my brother, caring for the holdings as he follows our lord on progress – making certain the sheep and other livestock are cared for, sheared appropriately, and the travels between lowland manor and mountain hafod run smoothly.   My secondary persona, as I research more into the time period and accoutrements, is Valbor Hyväritytär af Ihala, an Iron Age Karelian Finn.

My interests run the gamut of daily life for a person within the time periods or in volunteering.  It is fun to create as period an encampment or atmosphere as possible when at an event – shelter (tent/furniture/lighting/décor), food, drink, and clothing; to write in a period hand and illuminate scrolls when appropriate, to create food illusions and subtleties to serve to people, participate in heraldry or have heraldic displays of banners, devices, badges and insignia.  The activities of heavy fighting, siege weaponry, target and combat archery, thrown weapons, rapier, equestrians, and dance keep one busy, as well as learning new things with textile and fiber arts, medieval gardening, husbandry and herbalism, or even medical practices.  Generally I try to keep within one culture or time period at an event, but learning about any of them is fascinating.

At events, I can be found by looking for either my device, “Per chevron purpure and argent, two wolves rampant argent and a dragon displayed sable” or by the use of my badge “(fieldless), a rampant wolf barry eight argent and purpure.”  My personal pavilion displays my motto “Syn ar dy hun” or “Know thyself”.  My alternate badge is “(fieldless) On a comb argent a peacock vert.”



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