Things I have done or continue to do

Pieces of the earliest times past (1983 – 1997, pre-house fire):

Participated in the beginning days of Dragon’s Laire – a member, baking coin of the realm, and assisting with pied piper, as well as a few stints with constabulary or town cry at events like June Faire back in Frank Raab Park.

Volunteered with waterbearing, lists, gate, feast server and kitchen help, gold key and attended demos to help out in Caid, Atenveldt and Artemisia during college (1986 – 1989)

Participated in demos or volunteered at events in Glymm Mere, Madrone, Dragon’s Laire and Blatha an Oir, including my infant son after his arrival in 1994.

Heavy fighter, preferring wars over tourney – glaive or Florentine style, then sword and shield with the shield wall for Clan Carn.

Member of House BlackRogue, Clan O’Niall, Clan Chattan, 7th Cav, and Clan Carn,

Learned basic SCA costuming, preferring 12th – 14th century, with one Tudor gown in black and red while pregnant.  Helped with costuming household members and newcomers.

Things in the more recent past:

6+ years as Bealidh Pursuivant, Blatha an Oir (step down in 2007?-need to double-check when), followed by long-term deputy herald

2009 – 2010 Chamberlain (stepped down during pregnancy for health)

Current Baronial Lists Mistress (09/2014 – )

Courtier of Blatha an Oir (August 2005), currently Sergeant-Major (10/2014)

Camp cook for Highland Korsairs, 2001-2003 (blending period/modern food and techniques at events for 20-30 people)

Assisted with baronial retinue from 2001 – present, as herald, retinue and Sergeant

Assisted in numerous event steward teams ranging in gate size from 25 to nearly 2000, primarily Blatha an Oir events – including:

Autumn War (6 years as Herald-in-Charge, 2 as a co-Autocrat, 2 as Iron Needle co-ordinator, 2 as A & S Class Co-ordinator), volunteered as teacher, at gate, water-bearer, and lists

July Coronation, BAO hosted (2003) Herald-in-Charge, constabulary

Sergeant’s Trials (BAO); 2006, 2007, 2011, (in-process 2015) – Autocrat/Event Steward

Candlemas, Celtic Bardic, Lord Defender’s (6 years with herald), 3 times helping judge Bardic or A&S Defender

Summer Hunt – Ran lists for the Karl Redstone Memorial Fighter Tourney 3 years running, added Chivalry award

June Faire – volunteered as herald (town cry and field), tailor’s shop in the living history areas for multiple years

One of the lead  cooks for the 40 year Royal Feast at the Randall Site

Senior Student working towards Journeyman in the now-inactive Kingdom Costumer’s Guild, participated in 2 of the tourney/event competitions – 1 Court and 1 Tourney garb.

Blatha an Oir A&S Defender 2012; participated in the 2013 Kingdom A&S Championship as a full entry; placed in the Research Paper competition with the 1st and 2nd place Champion finalists.

Novice equestrienne – currently authorized for grounds crew, general riding, games and ground driving

2013 – One of the team providing the marzipan and sugar plate for Kingdom Feast November

2014 to current – Baronial Lists Officer; Sergeant Major

Assisted with helping set up food and shenanigans for elevations

Assisted with clothing for Royals and Peerage elevation celebrations

2016 – provided marzipan for the November Kingdom Feast and several elevations throughout the year

Blatha an Oir A&S Defender 2017; participated in the 2017 Kingdom A&S Championship as a full entry; placed as one of the 4 premier members of the Scholars of An Tir  along with the two Champion finalists


Ithra Student and Teacher (1990’s – )

Arcarius to Tristan de Ver, OGGS (Ursulmas 2014), beginning combat archery as well as continuing target

Student judged at Kindgom A&S 2014

Host/teacher; weekly sewing night (currently Mondays) 1997 – present

Things I do and/or teach:

Basic sewing (machine or hand), applique, beginning embroidery; pattern drafting and fitting, basic garb instructions for several time periods and cultures

Cultural classes – Welsh clothing, welsh food, persona development

Heraldic display, banner painting, voice heraldry, how to help fill in for Court, how to recognize the different Coronets/Peers and address them

Make leather or cloth armor, gambesons and coifs

Make 14th century styles of shoes

Various subtleties and warners (illusion foods) – including but not limited to marzipan and sugar plate

Learning about period cooking for different cultures and time periods

Learning to use a drop spindle, do more complex tablet weaving

Leather working & Tooling – made my own quiver (to look like an illuminated marginalia) and arcarius bracer

Roman Style stone and wire necklaces (new skill)

Teach Ithra Classes in Welsh Tourney Food, 14th Century Welsh Clothing

Teach about and how to do intarsia – inlaid wool applique


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